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Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association
was established in 1948

Establishment Aim
*Provides worldwide rubber industry market research
and market survey.
*Provides materials origin and allot distribution
*Provides technology cooperation and development.
*Provides up to date membership information.
*Provider investigation on rubber industry disputes.
*Provides technical Training and lecture for employee
of members.

Affair Characteristic
The Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association
(TREIA) besides depends on the industry association
law and other related laws handles the conference
affair work, regards each industry claim to handle the
conference, the seminar, causes the entrepreneur to
have the centripetal.
Future of the rubber industry strengthened the divide
work of organization and development. The Taiwan Rubber
& Elastomer Industries Association establish the National
Standard, Raw Materials, Daily Affair, Rubber Products &
Environmental, International Investment, Rubber Journal,
Educational Training,
China Economical & Trade, Retread Tyre and so on ten
committees, separately will be composed by the entrepreneur
and the experts, and will elect an artificial committee
eligibility respective, will impel each related service.

With the contributions and sound planning by former board
members and supervisors, TREIA has a good structure and
the a various of functions to maintain it’s service.
There are 507 member companies in 2012, which provide the
service and products including kinds of tires, rubber hose,
rubber belt, vibration isolators, seal material, rubber
parts for automobile and motorcycle, machine, electronic,
national defense, sport, medical products, rubber shoes, etc.


1952 TRIA established the laboratory to make raw material
analysis and physical and chemistry testing of product,
semi-product for members. Especially, for the testing
and examining the bicycle tire exporting to Thailand
and Vietnam.
1960 Members of TRIA established an institute named “Taiwan
Rubber Trading Co., Ltd.” for the joint marketing
purpose and took care of some problems such as lack of
trade personnel, regulation of foreign exchange currency,
raw material purchase difficulties and the shortage of
1968 The Testing Regulation for Exporting Rubber Products”
was adopted by Ministry of Economic Affairs(M.O.E.A.).
All the exporting rubber-related products were required
a certificate issued by TRIA laboratory.
1976 TRIA established ”Taiwan Rubber Research & Testing Center”
to serve and set standards for rubber products testing
operation, In the beginning, the center helped Bureau
of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A. to do
the test for those products exported to Middle-east
markets, followed by extending service and scope along
with policy and market.
1977 TRIA published the “Taiwan Rubber Industries Monthly”
for providing technical report, market intelligence and
policy announcement, also for members to communicate.
1990 The member companies making tires sponsored to establish
“Waste Tyre Proceeding Foundation” for the purpose of
managing wasted tires and watching environment. The
foundation now is changed with new name ”Recycling
Resource Foundation”
1994 Established official website at www.tria.org.tw
2008 The 1st International Rubber Forum and Rubber Industrial
Show. Venus: Taipei International Convention Center
2009 Established the National Standard Committees and
Educational Training Committees
2010 Published the Rubber Industries Technology Handbook
2011 The Rubber Forum 2011Established the Rubber Industries
Technology Dictionary
2012 Rename to Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association
2013 The 1st IAPMCE show. Venus:K-Arena




台灣橡膠暨彈性體工業同業公會  Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association
台北市中正區寧波東街7號  7, Ningpo East Street, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
TEL:886-2-23512261-5 FAX:886-2-23918886 
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